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100 Plus Word set


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100+ words set is great for sentence building. The nouns can be matched... Learn More


Nouns to match Picture Magnets Set 1 and 2, are as follows: ~ apple, lion, nurse, orange, penguin, rabbit, grapes, horse, insect, seal, koala, lemon, yellow, ostrich, violin, under the umbrella, queen, fox, swan, tiger, zebra, banana, watch, x-ray, yacht, zipper, fish, eggs, goose, Indian, computer, cat, ambulance, umbrella, jack-in-a-box, fireman, rhinoceros, dog, pig, jet, nest, monkey, van, elephant, question mark, motorbike, dinosaur, helicopter, telephone, kangaroo, windmill, umbrella. Additional words for sentence making are: ~ like, see, to zoo, go, I, would, the, and, to, I, some, animal, bike, a, want, ride, in, for, on, with, can, talk, play, works, hospital, toy. eat, fruit, firetruck, drive, live, jungle, airport, rain, joey, foal, juice, drink, colour, live, at, have, hot, cold, fast, slow, light, heavy, 4 s’s and two es for plural and two full stops.

100+ words set is great for sentence building. The nouns can be matched with the Picture Sets 1 & 2. Words available in each of the five school taught writing styles. Specify which writing style is needed on ordering. Magnets vary in length.