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Why not purchase some unique educational magnets and encourage your child to learn while helping the school to fundraise.

Learning with Magnatts’ have something for everyone, from personalised name magnets, magnetic puzzles, saying magnets, to alphabet and words sets as well as fractions and maths sets and a very popular reward chart.


The Magnatts range is suited for individual use or classroom activities.  The learning processes in enhanced by children using their imagination and just having fun.  

A lot of fun is had with children of all ages.

Something for everybody’s price range with products available in individual sets, or in packs which offer great saving.  Personalised names are just $4.40.  Great gifts.  

Grandparents are some of my largest clientele as they appreciate giving something which they can see helps their grandchildren as well as something which can share with them.

Magnets are made in the school writing style, which saves confusion at the learning to write stage.

Learning with Magnatts was created out of a need of a mother to help her son with his schooling, and has just grown from there.

Fundraising Drive

To book your drive, or for more information, please complete and return the form below, if you could do this as early as possible, even if you don’t want to hold the drive until later in the year, it would be appreciated.

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