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Activites for learning with Magnatts Magnets

Some fun activities to get you started with your Learning with Magnatts Magnets

Match letter sound to picture, match upper and lower case.

Fill the gap alphabet

A B _ _ E F _ H I _ K L _ _ O P _ R _ T _ etc. can be done with both upper and lower case letter magnets.

Match letter, sound and picture then the word could be copied from the picture magnet, or sentence could be made by using the noun on the magnet.

Make words using magnetic letters

Make up two, three and four letter words using the letter magnets, sometimes you may need to write on the whiteboard with a whiteboard marker if you run short of certain letters.

After making the words, copy underneath them with whiteboard makers on the whiteboard for writing practise. You can then extend this into making sentences by adding some nouns etc. to your word list.

Fill gap sentences

Write some sentences and leave gaps for your child to fill in, this would be a very good use for the Commonly used words sets. Can also show how it changes the meaning of a sentence by adding a different word. Encourage them to do this for you and see if you fill in the gap with the same word they were meaning. A fun sharing activity.

Alphabetical Order

Put whatever set/s of words you have in alphabetical order.

Draw pictures to match the sound of the letter

eg: Dd: then use picture magnets which match the letter and then draw as many other pictures you can using the same sounding letter. Again a sentence can then be written using this pictures, really gets the creative thoughts going.

For children who struggle to think and write, help them out by writing their thoughts for them, this helps a lot and makes them realise that they can make up stories etc. Don't do it all the time, but a helping hand goes a long way to help with confidence.

Group pictures together sorting them into different categories

  • Things that move.
  • Things that grow.
  • Animals Vehicles
  • Fast and Slow Zoo Animals
  • Big and little Colours

Fill the gap three letter words: p _ g, c _ t, d _ g

Don't stop at one option of the word, see how many different words they can make. eg: cat, cut, cot.


These are just a few samples of some of the activities you can use the Learning with Magnatts magnetic range for.

Please feel free to send us any activities you do with the magnets, and if we post them on here we will send you a thank you gift.

Any pictures of your children playing with our magnets would also be greatly appreciated.