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Know Your Tables Boardgame


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A different approach to help children with tables knowledge. Learn More


Know Your Tables Game has been designed to try and encourage tables knowledge rather than just drill tables to children (which they don’t seem to like doing these days). This game is played in reverse to most tables activities, instead of the answer being required, it is actually the table itself. This concept helps children realize that there isn’t as many tables to learn as they think, as nearly all tables have multiple answers; eg: 6 can be 2 x 3, 3 x 2, 6 x 1 or 1 x 6. The game includes, three counters, a dice, an answer pad as well as a timer to keep the game flowing. 1. Throw dice and move appropriate number of spaces.2. On answer pad, write how many tables/factors you can for the number/product you landed, the numbers are colour coded so you know how many possible answers there could be, hence the timer to keep the game flowing.This game could be played individually and timed to see improvement on instance knowledge. This game is laid out in the table grid format so if the child doesn’t know the answer they can work it out from the chart, some might say that is cheating, but the idea is for the children to learn their tables, hopefully this is one way which might help without them realising what they are doing. The game is approximately 400mm by 280mm.