Tongues Out

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The Squishy Squeezy Memory Game

Tongues Out! is a game about pugs who ate all the lollipops. The lollipops dyed their tongues different colours, and it's up to players to figure which dog ate which lollipop. When you gently squeeze the little pups, their tongue comes out! No matter how cute these chubby pugs are, they will not get away with this...The first player to match six lollipops to the appropriate pugs' tongues wins the game.

Ages: 4 + | Players: 2 - 4


•  A fun memory game based on matching colour for all to enjoy. With the additional benefits of hand strengthening and developing fine motor skills with the squishing of the pugs, this game is an excellent choice as a therapeutic tool as well.

•  It is easy to adjust the game for level of difficulty. Placing the pugs in an organised fashion, will make it easier for players to recall where particular coloured tongues of the pugs are. For more challenge, place the pugs completely random in the centre.

•  You can even add more spice, by allowing players to "steal" a pug from another players board in order to find a match.

•  More players means more of a challenge

•  The Blue Orange Tongues Out game is such a clever, fun and interactive game that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


•  12 x Pugs

•   4 x Parklet cards

•   2 x Lollipop dice

•   1 x Rulebook