Buddy in a box - Tooth Fairy

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Sparkle Hop

My name is Sparkle Hop and I'm a collector of sparkly baby teeth. I fly into children's rooms at night and softly land on their pillows, quietly hopping around until I find their newly lost tooth.

With a magic wand and a set of glittery wings, I search for the shiniest teeth to add to my collection. In exchange for your tooth, I leave a small gift.

What do i do with the teeth you may ask? I take them back to Magic Land of course, that's where the Tooth Castle is. All the young Tooth Fairies live there until they grow up and find a loving child to keep them forever. I'm so lucky you found me. I promise to watch over you, sprinkle magic fairy dust and make sure your dreams are always sweet.

Remember to keep me safe in my little box and keep your teeth nice and shiny!

With love from Sparkle Hop

The Buddy in a Box collection features three adorable designs, each starring a soft, sweet toy, a charming certificate & a box featuring a character story to match. Each character is designed to become the perfect friend to any type of child. Buddy in a Box toys encourage imaginative play and exist to uplift and empower little ones.

Includes soft toy, toy adoption certificate and printed box!

  • Product Information:
  • Size: 32 x 25.5 x 27cm
  • 15cm tall
  • Packaging: Printed Box