Dig It Up - Cats - Single Clay Egg

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From a Siamese cat to a Maine Coon, kids will uncover unique breeds of cats within this Dig It Up! set.

Individually-wrapped clay yarn balls, each with its own chiseling tool and instructions – the perfect excavation activity for a classroom or party. These hands-on discovery projects can be shared with friends, used as rewards, or given to grandkids as special gifts!

Just soak each 3" clay pod in water, then chisel away to discover your unique cat. Check the included excavation guide for fun facts about your finds, plus extra activities!


• Experience the thrill of discovery with dig-and-discover projects

• Each yarn ball contains a unique cat toy

• Hands-on lesson in science and the natural world for kids

• Excavation guide includes fun facts about cats and activity ideas on the back

• Perfect for a classrooms, big groups or parties

• Includes Single Clay ball-of-yarn dig project, chiseling tool, excavation guide (display of 12 only) and instructions

Age Recommendation: Ages 4 and up

 Dig It Up! Discoveries Cats - Single Clay Egg - Purchase 12 for the Display.