Micro Mix or Match Vehicles

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Micro Mix Or Match Vehicles Deluxe Set 2

Each MIX OR MATCH VEHICLES set allows you to build unique vehicles.

Mix them up for over 100 different combinations or combine with other sets for even more possibilities.

Each pocket-sized 3-piece vehicle is 2.5 to 3.5 inches long and together can be combined 1000s of different ways!  Ever see a vehicle that can hall dirt to the moon and return home for a safe water landing?  If you can think it, you can build it with MICRO Mix or Match Vehicles!

All the sets are compatible so the more sets you have, the more possible combinations you can assemble!

· SNAP TOYS: This 9-piece set of vehicles includes a fire truck, pickup truck, helicopter, airplane, submarine, land speed racer, loader, spaceship, and steam engine. Three vehicles have pull-back propulsion and together there are 1,000's of combinations for endless fun!

·  IMAGINATIVE PLAY: Create the vehicle of your dreams with the amazing toy that lets you imagine all the possibilities. Ever wanted to mix a dragster with a truck? You can with Mix or Match Vehicles!

·  FUN AND EASY TO CREATE: Our interlocking system makes assembly a snap and allows you to put your vehicles together and take them apart again and again.

·  VEHICLE ACTION FIGURES YOU MAKE: Have your own squad of vehicles and create your ultimate cityscape with this cool toy set. Includes 27 little pieces to create dozens of possibilities!

·  FOR LITTLE HANDS: Large pieces are safe for little ones, and putting them together is great fun for children ages 3 years & older. Combine them like a 3D puzzle to make the ultimate crazy contraption!