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This set includes 8 ocean animal themed stampers and 8 matching cutters.

The Wild Dough Stamper & Cutters sets are more fun for everyone! You can stamp it. You can cut it. It's 2 in 1 fun that lets kids follow their interests and lead their own play!

Designed specifically for little hands, this stamper and cutter set is a gamechanger for dough-play. 

Also a perfect partner for non-dough play, like cooking, clay and paint!

There really is loads to love about the Wild Dough Stamper & Cutter Sets. Here are the best bits:

- Easy to use handles, designed for little hands

- Each stamper has a matching cutter

- Use with playdough, cooking dough, clay, kinetic sand, sandwiches and more

- BPA free, sturdy food grade plastic

- Easy cleaning & dishwasher safe

- Detailed designs to spark creativity