Dena Pastel Rainbow 12pc

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The Dena Toys - Rainbow 12pc Pastel is a large teether and playmate, all in one! Thanks to its soft material and its design, your baby will begin to stimulate their creativity from their first day. They will spend the day experimenting, playing and chewing safely.

Playing for Development: With Dena, your child's first toy is very fun, very safe and very useful for early psychomotor development. Dena toys are designed to entertain and have fun with, while purposely encouraging imaginative play and creativity. This allows your child to have fun playing and at the same time contribute to their own psychomotor development. Dena Toys are created with free play at heart - freedom in the way children aged 0-6 years play and express themselves is vital for their future development.

Safe Play: Thanks to the materials used (platinum-based silicone), playing with Dena Toys is free of dangers such as knocks, cuts, poisoning, and even annoyances such as noise. 

Learning Opportunities: Sensory Exploration – Cause-Effect Learning – Fine Motor Skills

Suitable for Ages: 0 Years+