Leapfrog Colourful Counting Red Panda

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Count and learn with the adorable Colourful Counting Red Panda™! This interactive friend teaches about colours, counting and music with playful phrases and songs. The red panda's belly lights up with colours as she talks about them, helping kids make the connection between the colours and the colour names. Follow along to a counting song by looking at the printed numbers on the red panda's colourful tail. A corduroy nose, colourful and patterned fabrics, a plush body and embroidered eyes all stimulate your child's senses of sight and touch. Now it's time to Wiggly-doo! Press the music note on her paw to play songs and dance beats that encourage gross motor development along with learning. Sing along with your new friend: If you're silly and you know it, clap your paws!

Count from 1 to 10
Practice counting with the counting song while looking at numbers on the colourful, striped tail.

Learn about colours
Phrases and a song about colours introduce colours while the heart flashes to match the colours.

Move to the beat
Press the music paw to hear songs and dance beats and get your child moving.

See the flashing heart
Press the heart to hear phrases about counting, colours and more.

Treat your eyes
The red panda's bright colours and patterned fabrics engage your child and stimulate their sense of sight.

Feel the textures
Explore the red panda's soft body, corduroy nose and embroidered eyes.

Meet your new friend
The cuddly, playful panda giggles, coos, give hugs and kisses and wants to be your friend.