Leapfrog Leap Land Adventures Learning Video Game

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The LeapLanders are getting ready to celebrate the Gem Festival, but the keys to Clever Castle are missing! Go on a quest as you play the LeapLand Adventures™ learning video game. Hunt for keys to unlock the castle and learn about letters, numbers, shapes and colours along the way. Insert the plug-and-play HDMI game stick and USB power cable into the television and start playing the video game immediately using the wireless controller. No web connection, downloads or account setup required! Choose between two characters and explore Letterland, Numberville, Shapetown and Colour Springs. Run and jump through progressive, replayable game levels to collect gems, cleverberries and treasure chest rewards. Play the game again and again, collecting additional gems, flags and banners to decorate the castle and celebrate at the Gem Festival. Players can also explore more than 150 learning items at their own pace by playing the educational content directly in the Learning Center. Save unique game progress with up to five player profiles.

Ready to Play
Setup is easy! Simply plug the HDMI game stick and USB power cable into the television and start playing with the wireless controller.

Choose a profile
Save unique game progress for up to five players as they explore LeapLand in search of keys to unlock Clever Castle.

Explore and learn
Visit four different lands and run and jump through replayable game levels while exploring letters, numbers, shapes and colours along the way.

Visit Letterland
Meet uppercase and lowercase letters while learning about letter sounds and words that begin with each letter.

Discover Colour Springs
Have a colorful adventure in Colour Springs as you meet each colour character.

Explore Shapetown
Explore Shapetown and discover a variety of different shapes that can be found in everyday life.

Count You Way Through Numberville
Spend some time in Numberville and have fun learning by counting along with each number.

Learn at your own pace
Practise the skills you've learned directly from the Learning Center menu.