Leapfrog Tapping Colours 2-in1 Xylophone

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Get two instruments in one with the Tappin’ Colours 2-in-1 Xylophone™! Bring learning to musical exploration with four interactive ways to play. Help kids build confidence as they follow the lights to learn how to play eight well-known tunes. Hear first words about numbers and colours, or play notes to hear xylophone, glockenspiel and strings sounds. Jam along to nine original tunes! Hand the removable tambourine to a friend, then tap the xylophone with the mallet and play together. Two double-sided music cards and eight light-up keys make it a snap to tap out a tune. Tuck the music card into the tambourine, and the tambourine into the xylophone, for a handy-dandy music stand. When playtime is done, the mallet attaches to the bottom of the xylophone, and the music cards store in the tambourine. This product is made with 100% FSC-certified wood that comes from well-managed forests. Find more downloadable sheet music at leapfrog.com/xylophone.

Two-in-One Play
Music play includes a xylophone and a removable tambourine that doubles as a music stand.

Colours and Numbers Mode
Strike each key to see it light up and say its colour and number.

Instrument Sounds
Play xylophone, glockenspiel and string instrument sounds along with nine original tunes.

Play eight tunes by following the lights on the xylophone keys.

Jam Along
Improvise or play along to the included tunes, by yourself or with a friend.

Music Cards
Use the mallet to follow the notes on the two double-sided music cards to play well-known songs.

Even More Music
Expand the fun and learning with more downloadable sheet music available at leapfrog.com/xylophone.

Motor Skills
Practise hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with musical play..